Croquanter GEO Dehydrating Mould with Geometrical Designs
place of origin:Spain
number: A0030
model: 102084
specification: 8 pcs/box
feature of product:
Dehydrating Mould with Geometrical Designs

Contents of the box
8 stencils of different shapes.
8 teflon bases.

The ideal complement for your dehydrator

Croquanter is a set of stencils for making crunchies created by Albert and Ferran Adrià, specially designed to be used in the best dehydrators on the market.

The Croquanter stencils can obtain crunchy sheets in a variety of shapes from fruit, vegetable or dried fruit purees...

You can use different teflon bases simultaneously to produce a large number of crunchies with minimum effort.

Recipes Introduction