Rotaval Micro
place of origin:Spain
model:Rotaval Micro
feature of product:
The Rotaval Micro is a new example of technology applied in the kitchen, an instrument that uses the technique of solid distillation at low temperatures using a vacuum pump.Developed in collaboration with the Alicia Foundation(Food and Science), it evolve

Power: 1800W

Weight: 34kg

Rotation speed: 20/200 turns

Evaporation: 50/300ml

The Rotaval, used in chemical laboratories, permits the distillation of any type of product be it liquid or solid, as long as it is humid, which means that it allows to capture of the purest aromas and essences of almost everything, up to the point of being used to impregnate products with hints of sand and sea. It can be used to extract the alcohol from alcoholic beverages obtaining an excellent spirit, to obtain reductions and to carry out reflux cooking.

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