Rowzer Frozen Food Professor & Ice-cream Emulsifer
place of origin:Spain
number: 926001
model:Rowzer Frozen Food Professor & Ice-cream Emuls
feature of product:
Rowzer provides the perfect texture and temperature. The attractively-designed, compact food processor will enable you to create a wide range of ice-creams and sorbets easily, quickly and with no extra costs, as it processes only the portions you want.

Power type: 

220-240V, 1050W, 50/60Hz

120V, 1050W, 60Hz

Total weight of the machine: 18kg

Baker capacity: 1 litre

Blade speed: 2000 rpm

  1.  A sublime texture: The advanced design of its blades together with a high-pressure air circulation system will inspire you to create a new and unique frozen textures.

  2. Dismountable, robust and easy to clean, Rowzer has 3 motors and a stainless steel container beaker with a capacity of up to one litre of frozen ice-cream.

  3. Carefully devised design and looks, high-quality injected aluminum body.

  4. Comes with 2 stainless steel containers with lids.

  5. Easy-to-read blue LCD display.

  6. Selection of the number of portions from 1 to 10 to prevent wastage.

  7. Makes it possible to serve freshly made ice-creams and sorbets at the right temperature.

  8. The texture combines fineness and temperature, obtained thanks to the design of the blades, with the lightness provided by the high-pressure air flow system.

  9. The specific system for washing the shaft makes it simple to clean and guarantees the appliance's long life.

  10. The container is easy to manipulate in the case of a blockage of the shaft thanks to the space provided by the removable tray which simplifies the extraction of the jar.

  11. 3 independent motors: 800W movement of the blades; 250W to raise and lower the shaft; Third motor which incorprotates a powerful air pump(15 l/m)


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