Mycook 1.8 Food Processor
place of origin:Spain
feature of product:
Mycook 1.8 food processor has the most innovative cooking technology which concentrates the features of several appliances into just one. With a unique and exclusive induction system Mycook is able to reach 120℃ thanks to its 1800W, 30% more power than it

Power type: 

220-240V, 1800W, 50/60Hz

120v, 1800W,60H/z

Total weight of the machine: 10.2kg

Jar capacity: 2 litres.

  1. Turbo speed to cut, chop and shred faster even the hardest ingredients.

  2. Knead function for bread dough, bakery, pastry and pizza.

  3. Slow cooking speed, which controls blades speed smoothly and brings temperature up to 120℃,the only one in the market.

  4. Fast heating by induction: Mycook 1.8 uses a triple-wall jar combining stainless steel and aluminium specially designed for induction heating. 

Recipes Introduction